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Ditch the Car

Ditch the Car – How to Reduce Your Carbon Tire Tracks

Daily, everywhere on the planet, we burn fossil fuels as if it’s renewable. Which it isn’t, in case we forgot. In this day and age, equipped with all the information we have gathered about saving the planet, it be very irresponsible of us to not make a few changes. One of these changes should be how we get around. Cars. They are costing us too much. Yes, we have places to go and people to see, but if we can look at ways to reduce the use of cars, we will surely make a difference to the current state of the planet.

You most likely work with other people in one building. And it is a crying shame if everyone used their own personal vehicle to arrive to the same location if they live in close proximity. It should become company policy for forward-thinking companies to assign carpools to workers. Find out who lives in the same area and make sure that they all need to clock in and out at the same time. Carpools are also an excellent way to save on petrol, something everyone will appreciate.

If you need something from a shop a few blocks away or if you live close to work, you can cycle there. It uses your own energy to power itself forward. Besides, it counts as exercise so you might even save by cancelling that gym membership.

Public Transport
Buses and trains already go where we need to go so we need only find the timetables and pay the fare. The more we use these services, the better they might become in response to the growing need.

Of course, walking is also an excellent way to get to where you need to be. We can all do that little extra to get out of our unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly habits and adopt healthier ways to get around, ways that benefit the planet as well.

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