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Feng Shui – Declutter your Office Space

Feng Shui is not a new fad and definitely not to be taken lightly; it’s an ancient Chinese philosophical system that harmonises you and your loved ones with your surroundings. It is also not a quick fix. Take your time, rearrange your office space and the benefits will come.

Decluttering your office is the first step. It’s a very important step and should not be skipped. Identify what is not important in your work life, literally and figuratively. Feng Shui teaches us that clutter is more than just unused stuff laying around or hiding in your desk’s drawers. These unloved, unwanted and unused objects can make a serious dent in your life energy. And life energy is something you do not want to lose on things you don’t even need.

How to Declutter?
Tackle every room as an individual case. Start with the storage room, the shared spaces like that tiny kitchen, and work your way through every room. Identify every object that you do not absolutely adore. You may find that a lot of the objects we gather over the years were maybe something we wanted at the time but we quickly lost interest and eventually we wonder how it found its way into the office in the first place. Put everything that makes you say “Meh,” into a box and remove it from your workplace. It can be anything; unused flowerpots, those surplus wastepaper baskets and even those extremely old magazines hiding in plain sight on the reception area’s table.

What to Do With the Clutter?
Your clutter can go for charity or be resold. You will have to answer this one for yourself and you can’t go wrong with either option. But be brave and know that these objects are not meant to be in your office building anymore and someone else may be able to benefit from them instead.

If you still do not feel brave enough to let go of certain objects, remember that you will only be on the right track when you do. Look at objects as temporary, choose the ones that will help you carefully and keep in mind that this is only the beginning of your brand new and exciting life in the workplace.

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