Space Planning that Promotes Productivity

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August 19, 2016
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Space Planning that Promotes Productivity

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There are quite a few ways to approach corporate interior design, and the overall look of your workspace is still up to your individual taste. But more and more people are leaning towards creating a workspace that promotes productivity. There are several ways your space planning can achieve this result. We will be taking a look at some of these approaches.

No Assigned Seating
Most people balk at the idea of a cubicle. After all, whenever somebody describes their idea of the worst job ever, they might say something along the lines of, “spending nine to five in a cubicle.” But an employee cannot feel shackled to a desk if it is not their desk. Have your space planning strategist pick and set aside a few cubicles for private work and tell your employees that they are there when they need to be focused on a specific task.

Noise reduction
A noisy office will surely hinder productivity when your employees are trying to focus on a single task. In your space planning strategy factor in types of walls and flooring that promise to reduce noise. Surprisingly, plants can help with noise reduction, too.

Open Plan for Collaboration Only
Employees still love the idea of moving around freely and being able to collaborate with their colleagues should the task demand it. And by now, all of your employees know about the danger of what is known as “sitting down for long periods at a time.” They will feel safer from this very real killer in the office if they are allowed to move around freely. Make sure that there are a few desks (maybe even standing desks?) where your team can come together and make their collective magic happen. Keep in mind that an open-floor office should be designed with the minimal look in mind. You do not want your employees to trip over furniture or wires as they move around.

If at all possible, install large windows to let the sunshine in. You will save big-time on electricity and your employees will feel more energised and ready for anything.

Studies have shown that colour can affect your mood drastically. Yellow can increase energy, while green and blue, the colours of the planet itself, help employees to be calm and focused. In fact, plants can add the green to the office for you. Consider adding a few, they have many other benefits as well.

As the human relations officer or owner of your company, you will no doubt want the employees you hired to work in top form. There are so many other ways to achieve this perfect balance so contact us directly for a tailor-made plan, which would perfectly suit your office’s needs.

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