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Vertical Gardens

Three Kinds of Vertical Gardens

It is no secret that vertical gardens are on the rise, and not just against our walls. More and more people rave about the many benefits that a vertical garden presents us. Those who have it talk about clean, fresh air, building insulation, mental well-being and so many other benefits. It’s a fact that any amount of space is hard to come by in a city. We may have limited land, but with vertical gardens, the sky is literally the limit. We’ll be looking at three different kinds of vertical gardens.

Foodie Garden – Space for an allotment is woefully small in a city and those who do grow their own food find that vandalizing neighbours are a new kind of pest that threatens anything planted in a public area. A person wanting to grow their own fresh fruit and vegs are now looking at the walls for an answer and an answer they found. You can grow a variety of food against your wall including lettuce, mint, rocket, cherry tomatoes, spinach… The list goes on and on.

Invigorating Garden – If you need some greenery and fresh air in your dwelling, your vertical garden will drastically help both your physical and mental well-being and therefore a stunning way to go. It looks gorgeous, too. You can plant orchids, philodendrons, crotons and ferns. This list is not exhaustive. But when in doubt, ask at your nearest nursery.

Succulent Garden – These hardy plants look absolutely gorgeous, especially when in a frame on your wall. They require minimum fuss and their colours are perfect for creating a unique work of art that you would be proud to show off to friends and family.

When it comes to choosing the right plants, do keep in mind that all plants have different needs when it comes to the right amount of sunlight. With a little bit of research and some DIY, you will have your own vertical garden in no time.

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