Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without a Heater

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May 30, 2016
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Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without a Heater




Until the day when we can all afford solar heating for our homes, we have to look at alternative means to keep our homes warm during the colder months. We can all achieve sustainable living, even on a small budget. Let us look at a few ways to keep our homes warm without a heater.

Use Rugs on Tile Flooring

Beautiful, sparkling clean tiles are just too great to cover up, but at the end of the day, you will feel the difference in temperature. In any case, there are gorgeous carpets for sale and you might find yourself warming up to the new look of your tiled floors.

Open Your Curtains During the Day…

For truly sustainable living, we look at the sun as our primary source of heat. Therefore, it would make sense to allow in as much sunlight as you can during the day, so open those curtains, and let the sun take care of the temperature in your home.

…But Close Them During the Night

Curtains act as blankets for windows so close them as soon as the sun sets. Also, be sure to fix your windows if they do not close properly, curtains will not help if an icy wind breezes in during an ice-cold night.

Use Draught-Excluders

Remember the sausage-dog draught excluders your grandma used at her front door? Those are still a great way to keep the cold air out of your house and keep you from switching on the heater. Remember, the more insulated your home is, the more heat will stay in.

Think green, think no more heaters, and explore all the little ways you can use to make your sustainable living as comfortable as possible. Do you have a comment or question? We would love to hear from you so sign off in the comments section below.

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